European Style ProKart Race Experience

Drop In Racing


Elite Race Account Why do I require an Elite Race Account?

  • It’s how we assign you to a race in our advanced computer timing system

  • It’s only once a year, but gives you 52 weeks of elite specials

  • It’s practically FREE! You get a Free Race on your birthday month! ($21.00 value)

  • You get your own custom race name, best times are posted online

  • Every 10th drop in race – you get a free race! (the 10 pack below is actually 11!)

  • Store unused races on your account, they never expire, use when you want

    or use them at any current or future SPEEDERS locations

  • You get a race printout of all your lap times every time you race

  • We track your race history, building points in the overall standings

  • You have unlimited use of our freshly laundered cotton head socks

    and new premium full face helmets with visors

  • As you race more and build points, you become eligible for up to 30 FREE

    bonus races that get automatically added to your account


Drop In Pricing

All race packages and account prices are per person, not transferable.