European Style ProKart Race Experience

Rules & Flags

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Racing Rules | Racing Flags | Important Items

Racing Rules:

1. All racers MUST sign a waiver form and the release of liability.

Our indoor ProKarts provide a real racing experience and are not an amusement park ride.  All racers must understand that they are responsible for their actions and while driving.

2. Drivers MUST be at least 12 years old, a minimum 5'1'' tall, max weight is 260 lbs. and be able to safely operate our ProKarts. All drivers should bring photo ID.

Drivers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will co-sign their release of liability waiver.

3. Racers MUST attend a safety briefing on rules and regulations.

All new racers receive a mandatory briefing that covers our safety regulations and rules. The safety briefing also covers the racing flags to ensure that all new racers know what each flag means and what to do when they see them.

4. Bumping karts is not allowed.

Indoor karting is a non-contact sport.  SPEEDERS does not tolerate any bumping or blocking of the ProKarts and intentional contact may result in drivers being ejected from the race.

5. Do not crash into the barriers.

All racers must be able to safely operate our ProKarts.  If you are unable to stay in control of the kart and crash into a barrier, you become a safety hazard to everyone else on the track. Remember to use your brakes prior to the corners to slow down on the track. Any racers who are unable to safely operate the kart would be removed from the race.

6. Respect the flags.

The racing flags are important and a way for the marshal to communicate to the drivers on the track.  Please become familiar with the different colour flags and their meanings in the next section below.

7. Never stop on the track for any reason.

Unless you see a red flag, are instructed to stop, or in the case of an emergency, the marshal will stop all karts remotely.

8. Stay in your ProKarts at all times.

If your kart is stopped by the marshal, please remain in your kart when you are on the track, unless otherwise directed. When the race is finished and you are parking your ProKart, do not exit until instructed to do so by the pit crew.

9. Helmets MUST be worn at all times with the visor down.

The track is swept and cleaned every morning, but for your own safety, please remember to wear the helmet with the visor down when racing to protect yourself from any track debris.

10. Long hair must be pulled back in a pony tail.

Please ensure long hair doesn’t get in the way of your vision to ensure that you can safely operate the kart.

11. Closed toed shoes must be worn by all racers.

For your own safety, please wear closed toed shoes if you are racing. Flip flops, sandals and high heel shoes are not permitted along with dirty work boots. Please bring a pair of indoor shoes.

12. Please wear clean and dry shoes.

 To keep our facility clean, especially during the winter months and spring thaw, we ask everyone entering SPEEDERS to bring a pair of indoor shoes.

13. SPEEDERS has a zero tolerance on drugs and alcohol.

Anyone who appears to be under the influence will not be permitted to race and will be asked to return and race another day.  The reception team have breathalyzers and are not afraid to use them.

Racing Rules | Racing Flags | Important Items

Racing Flags:

Start of the Race!  This is also used for drivers to resume racing.
 Speeders Indoor ProKart Yellow Flag
Be Alert! Slow down and avoid bumping other karts.
 Speeders Indoor ProKart Red Flag STOP!
Pull over to the left side of the track and come to a complete stop.
 Speeders Indoor ProKart Black Flag SAFETY INFRACTION
You do not want to see the black flag. Not operating the kart safely, following the rules and flags, or the directions of the marshal will result in your removal from the race.
Speeders Indoor ProKart Checkered Flag CHECKERED FLAG
End of the race.  Do not stop or slow down before the checkered flag or before crossing the finish line marked on the track so you can get a fast final lap recorded. The marshal will slow your kart down once you have crossed over the finish line.

Racing Rules | Racing Flags | Important Items

Important Items:

1. No drifting, you will not win.

Please use your brakes BEFORE the corners to slow down and avoid drifting your kart. You will get faster lap times with a smooth turn.

2. Excessive tire screeching will end your race early.

Tire screeching results from turning abruptly or going into a corner too fast which causes the tires to lose traction. Make sure to steer smoothly.  Smooth is fast!

3. Do not stand on the seats, enter and exit the kart in front of the seat.

Use the flat plate to get in and out of the kart.  Help us keep the karts in excellent condition for your enjoyment in the years to come.

4. Close the visor before putting helmet back on the racks.

To avoid the visors getting scratched, please close your helmets visor before you place it back on the racks.

5. Before leaving the briefing room, please put your head socks on.

Head socks should always be on before proceeding out of the briefing room and choosing your helmet.

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